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Wait for the transfer to complete and then remove the new SD card from the card reader. The desktop is a good place, since this is only temporary storage. Most laptops now have a built-in SD card reader, but if you are using a desktop machine you can buy a USB card reader for not much money. You can however use multiple SD cards for one Switch and swap them out, although this can be rather tedious. Luckily underneath the kickstand lurks a future-proofed SD card slot, that will accept up to a 2TB card – a product that currently costs about as much as the console itself. So many users will probably end up buying a more reasonably priced SD card for their console, upgrading to a larger capacity during sales or as the price of SD technology comes down.

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Insert both new and old SD card to your PC and copy files from the old SD card to your new SD card. Insert the new SD card into Switch and let it format, and update it in Switch system if it’s required.

You’ll see the same Nintendo folder, and inside, the same Album folder. Open the Album folder, then keep opening the date folders until you have no more folders to open. If you’ve got screenshots or videos saved, you’ll see them in one of these folders.

Topic: Move Game From Cartridge To Sd Card?

Find the images you saved on your computer from the source Switch’s MicroSD card, and copy them into the folder on the target MicroSD card. Once the copy is complete, eject the MicroSD card reader and take out the card. Insert the MicroSD card from the second Switch, the “target” Switch, into the MicroSD card reader, and plug that into the computer.

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When the process completes, unplug the SD cards and continue with Step 3 to insert the new SD card into your Switch box and make it works again. Select Turn off and unplug the old Switch memory SD card out of Switch box. When everything you want to be moved is selected, press Move Data. Confirm the items you want to transfer and everything selected will begin to be moved to its new location. You’re free to put the target MicroSD card back into the second, “target” Switch. Since the MicroSD card is formatted to that Switch, it should work immediately. You will now be able to see the screenshots and Scary Games videos you transferred by navigating to the target Switch’s Albumicon on the home screen.

On The Original (source) Nintendo Switch

Once you’ve bought yourself a micro SD card, take your Switch and flip it on its back, putting it screen-side down. Flip up the console’s kickstand and there, underneath, you’ll see the SD card slot lurking right at the bottom. And don’t forget to check out our picks of the best Nintendo Switch SD cards. Start on the home screen and open the settings menu with the gear icon. This menu has a new option under Quick Archive that reads Move Data Between System / microSD Card.

However, it’s not so easy to find the Switch’s SD card slot. It’s hidden away underneath another part of the console — not nearly as obvious as the Wii, which had the slot right on the front. The 147 MB allocation for Shovel Knight represents the entire game, downloaded from the eShop and installed automatically on the microSD card.

In effect, the microSD card became a Shovel Knight cartridge. Pick games that you’ve finished or probably won’t play for a while and uninstall them. You can always redownload them from your library as and when you fancy picking them up again.


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